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The Seaboard RISE 49 is the ultimate portable music making device produced by ROLI. Thin and wireless, using MIDI over Bluetooth, the RISE 49 lets people make music wherever they want - at home, at the studio, in a cafe, or even on the road. It's a MIDI controller with a four-octave playing surface. The unique, touch-sensitive interface puts at the fingertips of amateur and professional musicians a range of expression that is simply not possible on other instruments. The surface resembles a piano keyboard in its order of notes. But instead of black and white keys, Seaboards have “keywaves” made of soft, pliable silicone. Underneath the “keywave surface” are sensors that respond to subtle shifts in pressure and movement. Through intuitive movements such as pressing into the surface continuously, moving fingers from side to side, and moving fingers up and down, music makers can achieve qualities of expression that are associated with acoustic or wind instruments - now possible on a digital instrument that can sound like anything.

As a controller, the RISE must be connected to a software synthesizer and sound engine on an external device (desktop computer, laptop computer, or iPhone via NOISE) to make sound. Equator is bundled with every RISE and is a perfectly compatible software synthesizer, but the RISE also works with a variety of other hardware and software instruments. NOISE is a free iPhone app. It is a handheld instrument that uses the touch screens of handheld devices to simulate the interactive musical experience of playing a Seaboard. NOISE is also a mobile sound engine for the Seaboard RISE so you can amplify your Seaboard wherever you have your iPhone.

Seaboards are truly revolutionary instruments because they let music-makers access a whole world of sounds on one instrument - and each sound can be molded and shaped in ways that bring together the expressive qualities to any performance. The RISE is designed in London and manufactured in Ireland and the United States.

2 Years