RAVEN Z3 Triple Touchscreen Workstation Full, White Gloss

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150.00 LBS

The RAVEN Z Series of Multi-Touch Production Consoles offer a state of the art workflow center for the Elite Modern Studio. Choose from two models, the full-size Z3 or Z3C, our more compact offering. Both models feature a center 46” multi-touch panel and two 27″ multi-touch panels along with the Slate Control fully analog monitoring system. The Z3 series can be configured according to the client’s needs with specific rack spaces and locations, custom colors, and much more.

Having three world class multi-touch panels allows engineers, producers and artists to have an extremely versatile workflow with a variety of options. Some configurations can work as follows:

  • Two screens dedicated to main studio DAW, one screen dedicated to an auxiliary station that can be launched from a client laptop

  • Left workstation dedicated to Virtual Instrument/Composition machine, then digitally connected to another machine featuring a mix window and edit window on the other screens

  • Post Audio Mixing using multiple synced machines with multiple operators.

  • One screen for main mix, another for edit, another to store plugin racks or video display

The Slate Control

The Slate Control is a 100% Analog Monitoring System designed by legendary pro audio designer Paul Wolff. The Slate Control has been designed to provide uncompromised sonic clarity while delivering all of the necessary features studios need from a “center section” of a classic console.


8 Stereo inputs

3 Speaker Sources with LFE Enable per speaker pair.

2 Stereo Cue Outputs to go to Headphone Amps.

Talk Back system with built in mic and “Talkback Presets” to independently send talkback to specified outputs.

CAL Mode to pre-set a reference level to listen at.

LFE Output with LPF & Crossover Point, Phase and Level.

DB25 Connections for Inputs and Outputs

DB9 Connections for VU Aux and Talkback Aux

Powered USB 2.0 inputs x2

33mm audio Jack for direct referencing from a device with 33mm headphone output.


RAVEN 3.0 now adds customized multi-touch control of Ableton Live, Cubase/Nuendo, Digital Performer, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools 10-12, and Studio One V3 on Mac as well as our first Windows compatibility for Pro Tools 10-12.


  • Displays: One (1) 46” LED display, Two (2) 27” LED displays,

  • Slate Control Fully Analog Stereo Monitoring System (2RU + Control Module)

  • Built to order RAVEN Z3 Desk

  • Custom cable management trough along the rear of the desk and hollowed-out legs for hidden cabling.

  • Optional Rack slots in a variety of configurations (Z3 only)

  • Stock Colors include black or white in satin or gloss finish. Custom Colors Available (ask your dealer for options and cost).

2 Years