LS7720QIK Quick-Connect u-mount Lighting Stand

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15.40 LBS

LS7720QIK is the first lighting stand to utilize the u-mount Mounting System. With its patented elliptical enveloping clamp, the u-mount system is the fastest, most secure way to erect and dismantle lightweight portable lighting arrays. The LS7720QIK takes our proven T-bar design and adds a pair of brace-less, virtually instant-mount side bars (LS7700P also sold separately). These side bars can be moved freely up, down, and around the stand. Without obstructive bracing, more fixtures can be mounted in limitless configurations, and set up and tear down times are drastically reduced. The LS7720QIK features an aluminum base and trunk, plus a steel upper shaft for an excellent mix of strength and light weight.LS7720QIK comes with two LS7700P;max LED par cans: 12Max Height: 10.5' Weight Capacity: 110 lbs.Base Spread: 48"