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FAB FOUR is a virtual (software) instrument that includes 45 instruments inspired by the sounds of the Beatles. "The quality is undeniable, I can't imagine what East West must have gone through to track down these sounds (and get Beatles engineer Ken Scott on board)." - EQ

M.I.P.A Winner ; judged most innovative instrument by 100 music magazines

As you play the instruments, you'll recognize many signature sounds-guitars, keyboard, drums, sitar-but that doesn't mean you have to play the licks they provided for the Beatles. In fact, using them in other contexts provides an intriguing combination of freshness and deja vu; these are highly playable, "organic" sounds that have intrinsic merit and coolness, regardless of their lineage. The quality is undeniable, I can't imagine what East West must have gone through to track down these sounds (and get engineer Ken Scott on board), tweak them to perfection, and adapt them to a virtual instrument format. Bottom line: There are many great sound libraries out there, but this is a tour de force. (EQ Magazine)

Standouts for uncanny realism include, well, pretty much the entire library — the guitar sounds are so authentic they could have been lifted directly off the original multitrack session tapes. Fab Four absolutely nails the iconic instrument sounds created at Abbey Road Studios by the Beatles, George Martin, Ken Scott (who worked on engineering Fab Four, in fact), Geoff Emerick, Alan Parsons, and other producers and engineers on the Beatles' many brilliant albums. It should also be said that if you're looking to recreate the Beatles sound with other libraries, you really have to know what you're looking for. In Fab Four, so much of the work has been done for you that, uh, all you need is love . . . of the Beatles! Bottom line: Fab Four is a major accomplishment, and entirely worth the money. (KEYBOARD)

I installed Fab Four in my Pro Tools rig and instantly fell in love with all the sounds--all 13GB of them. Check out: "With A Little Help From My Bass", "Bass Tripper", "Because I'm A Harpsichord", "Madonna Piano", "Baby I'm Clavioline", "Strawberry Flutes", "We Can Work A Harmonium", "I'm A Blackbird Guitar", "Revostortion Guitar", and Swarmandel Forever." The drums and bass sounds are evocative of Ringo and Paul and the keyboards work excellently in any record production pastiche--just like the Beatles used them. The instrument's GUI includes many studio effects you can add to any sound such as convolution reverbs, delays, compressors and the Beatle's often-used ADT (artificial double tracking) tape recorder effect. As a collection of authentic Beatle sounds, Fab Four Virtual Instruments turns out to be an excellent record production and songwriting tool. (MUSIC CONNECTION)