Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt - OCTO Ultimate 5

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UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt - OCTO Ultimate 5

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The ultimate collection of UAD Powered Plug-Ins over Thunderbolt.

The UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt OCTO Ultimate 5 is Universal Audio’s most powerful DSP accelerator, combined with a flagship collection of 89 UAD Powered Plug-Ins. This sleek desktop unit is compatible with Thunderbolt-equipped Macs and Windows 10 PCs*, and can supercharge Apollo interfaces and other UAD-2 DSP Accelerator systems to run larger mixes filled with rich analog emulation plug-ins.

The UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt OCTO Ultimate 5 includes 89 UA-developed** plug-in titles from a world-renowned library that includes Ampex, Lexicon, Neve, Manley, Fairchild, Fender, Studer, SSL, and many more. In creating UAD plug-ins,Universal Audio’s DSP engineers work with the original hardware manufacturers —using their exact schematics, golden units, and experienced ears —to give you all the warmth of classic analog equipment in your DAW.

The UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt OCTO Ultimate 5 provides massive horsepower via eight SHARC processors, and its Thunderbolt technology offers reduced plug-in latency compared to FireWire 800.

Key Features

●Run UAD Powered Plug-Ins via Thunderbolt connection on modern Macs or Windows 10 PCs

●8 SHARC processors provide a massive DSP boost for running large

professional mixes

●Includes “Ultimate 5” plug-in bundle, featuring 89 UA-developed plug-ins from Ampex, Lexicon, Studer, Neve, Manley, SSL, Fender, and more**

●Take UAD plug-ins “on the road” for mixing on Thunderbolt-equipped computers

●Dual Thunderbolt ports allow convenient daisy-chaining of Thunderbolt peripherals

●Compatible with Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase, Ableton Live, and more

●Combine with other UAD-2 devices, including UAD-2 PCIe card(s), and Apollo audio interfaces

●VST, AU, RTAS, AAX 64 and 64-bit DAW compatible

* Windows 10 Thunderbolt compatibility coming Fall/Winter 2016.

Visit www.uaudio.com for details.

** Ultimate 5 package includes 89 UA-developed plug-ins up to and including UAD Software v9.0. Does not include any Direct Developer (3rd party) plug-ins, nor plug-ins released after UAD software v9.0.

UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt System Requirements


For complete compatibility information, visit help.uaudio.com


●Apple Mac computer with available Thunderbolt port

●Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite or later Windows*:

●PC computer with available Thunderbolt 3 port

●Windows 10 (64-Bit Edition)


●6 gigabytes available storage

●Internet connection to download software and authorize UAD plug-ins

●Compatible VST, Audio Units, RTAS, or AAX 64 plug-in host DAW software

●Thunderbolt cable and adapter sold separately