Presonus Central Station PLUS

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The professional choice for monitor control, the Central Station PLUS enables you to easily manage three sets of stereo analog sources and two stereo S/PDIF digital sources and audition them with three pairs of speakers. You get screaming-loud headphone amps; fast, accurate metering; an audiophile-quality, passive signal path; and a wealth of special features - all in one rackspace. The included remote control lets you manage your monitors from your desktop. Features include:

  • 3 sets of stereo analog inputs and 2 sets of S/PDIF digital inputs

  • 3 sets of stereo speaker outputs with Select switches and trim pots

  • Passive audio path with no op amps or IC’s

  • Onboard talkback microphone and talkback input

  • Dual 30-segment, fast-acting, peak-hold LED metering

  • Remote controllable via included Control Station Remote (CSR-1)