P Sound Bandoneon Virtual Instrument (Electronic Download)

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Bandoneon consists of a Philological reproduction of an historic Alfred Arnold Bandoneon made in Germany in the 50s!
His typical sound is based on 2 reeds (Zinc) for each note.
PSound Bandoneon has been sampled in 4 layers with 2 round robin for a total of 440 samples (1 GB storage).

The Bandoneon choosed for sampling is an historic Alfred Arnold of 50s.
40 keys on the right hand, 32 notes in left hand.

Full Range
The "Full Range" preset consists of both left and right hands notes mixed, it allows you to have a 56 notes (from F2 to C7).

Left Hand
The "Left Hand" preset implements the left hand keys of the Bandoneon, with 32 notes (from G3 to C7).

Right Hand
The "Right Hand" preset implements the right hand keys, with 36 notes (from F2 to C5).Specifications:

Alfred Arnold historic Instrument
• 440 Samples
• >1 GB Storage
• 96 kHz Sample rate
• 24 bit resolution
• All sample are perfectly looped
• 4 velocity layers
• 2 Round robin per layer
• key-on and key-off noises
• Adjustable volume for reeds and noise
• right hand and left hand presets
• Powered by UVI Engine XT™
• Requires UVI Workstation v2.5.6 or later
• UVI.net provides UVI Workstation for free!
• UVI Falcon full Compatibility!
• Playable by Motu Machfive too (requires v3.2.1)
• PACE protection system (free iLok account required)

PSound Bandoneon on SoundCloud (https://soundcloud.com/paoloprincipi/sets/psound-bandoneon)