OWC Optical Thunderbolt Cable - Black 10 Meter (33')

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OWC Optical Thunderbolt Cables provide the full bandwidth of Thunderbolt in both directions over much longer distances than copper, and with the same throughput as shorter copper cables. Provides greater flexibility for locational placement of your Thunderbolt devices for better security, convenience, and/or device noise isolation for a more productive work environment.

  • Connect Thunderbolt 10Gb/s Devices for 10Gb/s Bi-Directional bandwidth
  • Enhance video workflows with support for faster 4K video transfers + 4K display capabilities via DisplayPort 1.2
  • Connect Thunderbolt 20Gb/s Devices for full 20Gb/s throughput
  • Same high-performance as shorter, copper cables

This premium Thunderbolt™ cable is built to the highest standards for use with all Thunderbolt 10Gb/s and 20Gb/s devices.

1 Year OWC Limited Warranty