New Focal Trio6 Be

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The SM6 range

Essentially, the Trio6 Be is a three-way speaker with a 1” tweeter, a 5” woofer, and an 8” subwoofer. Yet, switching to FOCUS mode reconfigures Trio6 Be in two-way monitor.

The Trio6 Be was designed to meet the standards of the most demanding engineers. This dual monitor is the new reference in its price range owing to its extreme neutrality, its precise stereophonic imaging, and its ability to resolve the most minute sonic details, while its Class G amplifiers deliver SPL levels to suit all musical styles.

The SM6 line of monitoring loudspeakers has been designed for recording studios looking for monitors capable of revealing every detail of the entire audio spectrum without any masking effect. Four models are available: the Trio6 Be double monitoring loudspeaker, the versatile Twin6 Be, the ultra-compact Solo6 Be and the Sub6 monitoring subwoofer.

High-tech and high precision

These four professional analogue monitoring loudspeakers benefit from the best of Focal’s technological innovations. The result? A stereo image offering unprecedented neutrality, clarity and precision in this price category. The pure beryllium inverted dome tweeter covers 5 octaves from 1000Hz to 40 kHz, the best acoustic transparency and fastest impulse response in the world. As concerns the woofers’ W composite sandwich cone, they offer a perfect balance of rigidity, lightness and damping to provide exceptional neutrality.

The solution to all your monitoring needs

The Trio6 Be double monitoring speaker features the exclusive Focus technology, ensuring reliability and saving time for sound engineers by enabling them to compare their mixes focusing on the same acoustic basis, minus the extreme frequencies. The rotating baffle for the midrange-treble, the dual-ported bass reflex and the various settings available ensure excellent integration into even the most complex of work environments.


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