IsoAcoustics ISO-L8130 Monitor Isolation Stands

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2.00 LBS

Use the Modular aluminum system Calculator and Isolation Stand selector to see what stand is right for you!

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Designed for medium size speakers and studio monitors. These stands provide 14 variations of height and tilt to optimize speaker placement and performance. Isolate your studio monitors from the supporting surface and allow them to breathe so they can deliver the clearest and most accurate sound possible.

Assembled in the short configuration and using the tilt settings to focus the studio monitors on the listening position or assembled in the tall configuration to bring the studio monitors up to ear level and tilted to optimize the focus.

The difference is HUGE, not to mention I can now get them up to a better height WITHOUT the use of the built-in Genelec ‘pods’ that were attached. The height is PERFECT with my iMac 27” screen and gives me an incredible ‘soundstage’ that, I know, reflects the original recording.

Eric Seaberg