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(This is an electronic download as soon as we process your order we will send you a link and a password so you can download and activate your product.

This virtual instrument contains the INSTRUMENTS portion from Ethno World 5 Professional & Voices by the renowned award winning film composer Marcel Barsotti and offers more than 240 professionally recorded ethnic instruments and more than 18.000 high quality samples.


  • Bowed Instruments

  • Stringed Instruments

  • Woodwind & Brass

  • Key Instruments

  • Bell Type Instruments

  • Metal Type Instruments

  • World Drums

  • World Percussion

  • Gongs & Bowls


NI Kontakt Player 4 included in this product!


  • Windows XP (SP2 )/ Vista/ Win7 (32/64 Bit),

  • Pentium or Athlon XP 1.4 GHz, min. 2 GB RAM


  • OSX 10.5 / 10.6

  • Intel (!!!) Core Duo 1.66 GHz, min. 2 GB RAM

For all

  • 1GB free disc space for player installation

  • Additional hard disc space according to the library size

  • Internet connection for product activation required (on any computer)

  • DVD drive