Alesis. Sample Rack

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Sample Rack

Electronic Percussion Sound Module

Whether you want to trigger electronic samples live or need to capture MIDI from your acoustic kit in the studio, the Alesis Sample Rack makes the job easy. There's plenty of onboard storage for you to load up your own sounds into the Sample Rack, and SD storage makes saving and loading sounds easy. Eight trigger inputs plus true kick and hi-hat inputs provide compatibility with both drum pads and acoustic triggers.

Features include:

A simple 1U rackmountable percussion module with onboard sound storage.

Trigger samples via 8 trigger inputs plus true kick and hi-hat inputs for realistic expression

Save up to 20 kits on a single SD card that you can fully access via USB

LCD display and software utility provides easy control over your sounds and settings

MIDI I/O lets you use your triggers and drum pads to trigger other gear and virtual instruments