4METROGRE 4" Studiofoam Metro Mid-High Absorber (6-pack, 2'x4'x4", Kelly Green)

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Studiofoam Metro blurs the line between those products that work well acoustically and those that yield the aesthetics that some users desire.The differing heights of protrusions on the Metro products serve to spread sonic energy out in the time domain, as well as each absorbing a slightly different slice of the frequency spectrum. This is why a Metro room will retain a bit more "feel" than a room that is treated with a stronger absorber like 3" or 4" Studiofoam Wedges or Pyramids and why, when coupled with a judicious amount of MetroFusors, a well-controlled, natural-sounding space will result.Qty: 6 panelsCoverage: 48 sq. ft.Panel Size: 2'x4'x4"